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Sexual/Reproductive System (Videos, Games & Diversity Art!)

For all of the following games, look for the name of the body part in the upper right side of the screen, then click on the corresponding part in the diagram. Note: after the last answer the diagram disappears kind of abruptly (you'll have to play again if you want to see it again).

Sexual & Reproductive Body Parts are as diverse as people's faces. There isn't just one way to have a good body - every body is a good body!

Diversity Art...

Vulvas, from The Vulva Gallery !

All of these are healthy, normal, and good (more examples through the link above). Girls and women often receive the message that their genitals are dirty, ugly, or somehow "not good enough" just as they are. These messages can really hurt a person's self-esteem and sometimes also hurt their sexual wellness. There is no wrong way to have a vulva - there are as many types of vulvas as there are humans who have vulvas! They do not need to be cleaned with anything more than water and gentle swipes with a washcloth (a touch of soap can go on the outside parts only! The inner parts clean themselves). Companies that sell vaginal douches and cleansers are scamming you. In fact, those products can throw off the natural pH of the area and actually cause infections in some cases, which ironically, produce bad odors! Simple is best when it comes to vulva & vagina hygiene.

Penises & Scrotums, also from the same artist, and also all healthy, normal, and good. There are as many ways to have a penis as there are humans who have penises!

Many boys and men worry about the size of their penis. They worry about being "big enough." Maybe they've heard that having a bigger penis is better, and then wonder whether their penis is "big enough" or "too small." The truth is that in the research we have about this, a larger penis size is not connected with a happier or more fulfilled sexual relationship, or with being a happier person in general. In actual relationships, women do not care what size their partner's penis is - they care about how their partner treats them and how the two of them feel about each other. Having foreskin is as normal and healthy as having been circumcised - there is no difference in hygiene so long as people are washing with water and mild soap.

...Also an important part of diversity-intersex people! Intersex people have biology that exists outside the medical categories of male or female. Their genetics are different from what most people experience. They are as natural as any other type of person, just less common. Most intersex people's external genitals are not what identifies them as intersex. They get labeled male or female at birth like everyone else. But, a percentage of intersex babies are in fact born with genitals that a doctor often decides are not "female enough" in appearance, and often these doctors will perform surgeries to "feminize" the external genitals, without knowing how that baby will identify their gender later in life. Intersex activists are trying to stop these surgeries on can learn more about that here.

By val3ntea Published on The Queer Comics Collection on Tumblr

Hooray for all human bodies! :)

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